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Workshop announcement: Science and science operations of the PROBA satellite fleet

Science and science operations

of the PROBA satellite fleet

The Big Wave!

At around 14:00 on March 5th 2014, SWAP, the EUV imager on PROBA2, observed a wave travelling over the solar North pole. The wave was probably generated during a strong eruption on the Northern backside of the Sun.

SWAP & LYRA capture an X4.9 flare

On February 25th, early in the morning, the 'returning' active regions AR11967 (now called AR11990), generated an X4.9 flare, the strongest flare in 2014. Both LYRA and SWAP on-board PROBA2 witnessed the event.

A (daily) SWAP movie and SWAP difference movie can be found, respectively, here: and

Using the SpoCA segmentation suite to track long term variations in EUV observations

A recent paper by Verbeeck, C. et al. entitled "The SPoCA-suite: Software for extraction, characterization, and tracking of active regions and coronal holes on EUV images", in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, discusses a new software suite that can be used to track and segment different regions of the Sun from EUV images.



The long-awaited and much-hyped comet ISON surprised astronomers and solar physicists when it mysteriously failed to appear in images from extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) solar telescopes on Thursday. The SWAP solar telescope, on board the Belgium-based ESA mission PROBA2, conducted an extraordinary campaign to image ISON, but failed to detect any sign of the unusual comet.

No Clues from Comet ISON

Comet ISON raced past the Sun on November 28, but left no clues about its structure — or the structure of the solar corona — for extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) telescopes like SWAP that had been turned towards the unique comet in the hope of capturing images of its passage through perihelion.

PROBA2 Holiday Countdown Calendar

The PROBA2 team is proud to present the PROBA2 Holiday Countdown Calendar! One day at a time you will discover highlights of the PROBA2 satellite and the Sun!

PROBA2 waits for Comet ISON

In just a few hours, Comet ISON will whip past the surface of the sun at hundreds of kilometers per second, and PROBA2 is waiting to capture its passage through perihelion.

Comet ISON Approachs

Christmas Calendar

PROBA2 Christmas Countdown Calendar

Christmas Countdown Calendar


SWAP observes three partial solar eclipses

Three partial solar eclipses were observed  by PROBA-2 as it moved in and out of the Moon’s shadow during the 03-Nov-2013 ‘hybrid’ solar eclipse.

A hybrid eclipse is comprised of a total solar eclipse and an ‘annular eclipse’, depending on an observer’s viewing location on Earth.

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, their alignment and separation are such that the much closer Moon appears large enough to block out the light from the much more distant Sun.


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